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A strong, supportive community (village) is the missing link that keeps so many of our families from , not only unschooling success, but from thriving in general. 

Let’s come together to change this in 2019!

I want to bring together the Black Unschooling and free thought community and Atlanta is first on my list!

Let’s talk about what it will take to truly create our village.

Let’s talk about real education.

Let’s talk about peaceful black parenting and changing the narrative.

Let’s talk about lifting each other up.

Let’s talk about supporting our businesses.

Let’s talk about meeting needs.

Let’s talk about healing our families and communities from the inside out.

Let’s do more than talk. Let’s BUILD!

If you want to join me in this mission, RSVP now!


Marilyn Oduenyi


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Atlanta, GA
United States